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Black and Blue: Healing The Wounds of Racial Injustice
March 4, 2016

Black History Month is behind us and I can’t help but think about the murky future that is yet to unfold before us as a nation. Eight years ago, I could not have anticipated the extent to which we would regress in terms of racial relations. I had been the second in my family to earn a graduate degree. My recent appointment as a Staff Member with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was, for me, an accomplishment….

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Throw your net to the other side
January 23, 2016

Throw your net on the other side. We are headed into the most dangerous time of our ministry year.  Enthusiasm for new student outreach has propelled us forward.  We’ve seen great advances.  And now the great temptation is to settle down and return to the familiar and comfortable. Peter does this in John 21.  He says, “I’m going fishing.”  And those early followers of Jesus say, “We’ll come with you.”  This wasn’t a recreational fishing…

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