Evangelism:  Evangelism intimidates us. We have many reasons to stay silent: “I’m afraid of rejection.” “I don’t know what to say.” “I don’t care about the lost.” But when we share the Gospel, we experience God’s presence intimately and God’s power exponentially. Grow your faith by giving it away.

Living for Jesus:  Jesus wants us to know him, not just about him. As we learn to live in Christ, he transforms us into his image for the sake of others. Discover the foundations for Christian growth which have shaped the work, worship, and witness of the Church for over 2,000 years.

Mentoring:  Transformational relationships ignite when we intentionally encourage each other to grow as followers of Jesus. Explore ways to help your friends mature in their faith by mentoring them through Scripture, prayer, conversation, and study – and get the tools you need to enable future generations to grow in Christ. Using Paul and Timothy’s relationship in 2 Timothy as a model, we’ll equip you with the skills you need to help someone else grow in their faith.

Scripture:  The Word of God is alive and powerful – but it often doesn’t feel that way when we’re reading it. We’ll acquire the tools we need to understand Scripture more clearly and apply it more faithfully. Jesus speaks to us through the Bible. Learn to listen.

Redeeming Sexuality:  We usually don’t think of those two words going together: Sexuality and Jesus.  After all, what would Jesus want to say about sex, except “Don’t!”  But sex was God’s idea in the first place.  In this track, we will explore the myths about sex touted in our culture today, gain a biblical foundation for sexuality, talk about orientation, intimacy and accountability, and finally, discover practical steps in navigating through our sexualized culture as followers of Jesus.

Leadership:  Jesus calls. We’ve said yes to him and to his mission on campus. Now what? Whether you’re a leader right now or aspire to be one in the future, come and learn the skills you need to serve alongside Jesus as you lead others. Contact your staff worker if interested.