Jesus is risen!  He has given us everything we need to establish and advance witnessing communities at colleges and universities in New York and New Jersey.  He has called us to go to every corner of every campus and bear witness to what we have seen and heard.  But what has Jesus given to me so that I can know Him?  How do I lead, not just serve others?  What does it mean to really follow Him in my life, even my sexuality?  How do I share Jesus with others?

Find out by coming to The Big Event the last weekend in October.  Not only do we meet hundreds of students from campuses all over NYC, Long Island and New Jersey and experience Jesus in worship, challenging messages and enjoy a beautiful camp doing fun activities during free time.  We get to choose to be a part of one of the six break-out tracks where we learn how to say yes to His Lordship, yes to mentoring a younger Christian, yes to hearing and obeying Jesus in His Word, yes to turning from serving to leading, and yes to learning how to navigate our sexuality from God’s standpoint.  Come to The Big Event so that you can grow in testifying to what you have seen and heard Jesus say!