Frequently Asked Questions

When should I arrive and depart for my session? 

Please arrive by 7:00 PM on the Tuesday of your Session. For Sessions 1, 2 and 6, please arrive at the Sanctuary of Calvary Baptist Church (123 W. 57th St NY, NY 10019). For Sessions 3, 4 and 5, please arrive at Room 501 of the Salisbury Hotel (123 W. 57th St NY, NY 10019-same address as Calvary Baptist Church, but just past the church entrance).  You are free to leave anytime after 1:00 PM on the Saturday of your session. But we encourage you to stay through Sunday and visit a church service. See above “Basic Program Information” for recommendations.

How should I travel into NYC? 

The best thing to do would be to take public transportation into the city. Do not drive your car to New York City. If you come in on a bus or van service into the city, it should be a drop-off. Parking in the city is difficult and we are not responsible for your parking tickets.

Do I have to stay on-site with everyone?

No. This year, participants in our program are responsible for finding their own housing.

Do you have any recommendations of where to book housing? 

We recommend contacting Hostel International NYC, the Local NY or one of our other partners. We will provide more recommendations shortly.

Do I have to be a part of InterVarsity to come?

No, but your leader must be approved via our application process.  If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you are not a part of InterVarsity, you will have to provide at least 1 reference from a pastor, spiritual advisor on campus or faith leader in your community.

Can my church/school help pay for the trip?

Yes! You may ask your student government, church, and other groups to co-sponsor you or your group to NYCUP! The gifts are NOT tax-deductible.

Is there a discount for groups?

No, there is not a discount for groups.

I would like to apply to be a Group Leader during RecWeek. What do I need to do? 

Applying to be a leader of a group at #RecWeek18 means you are bringing at least 3 other people with you. If this is true of you, please fill out this application. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive a scholarship that covers your registration.

I would like to pay by check. Who should I make my check out to?

All checks should be made out to INTERVARSITY with NYCUP in the memo. Do NOT have a check written out to you or to NYCUP.  If you do, they will be returned to you.

When do I turn in my money?

After you register online and pay your deposit, any remaining balance can be paid in advance by making an online payment. Auto-billing will take place on April 16th for any unpaid balance.

You may also pay by check by mailing a check to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship C/O Emily Craig, 17 W. 27th St. 3rd Fl., New York, NY 10001.

Please mail your check in 2 weeks in advance of your session, and email Emily Craig at to let her know your check will be arriving soon.

If you do not pay in full by the time of arrival, you will not be allowed to participate.

Where does my money go?

Your funds go towards covering the cost of speakers, staff, materials and the work of NYCUP in the NY/NJ region.

Does registration cover travel?

No, you are responsible for your own travel expenses to reach NYCUP and also for the cost of public transit when in NYC.

Does registration cover food costs?

No, you are responsible for your own meals as a participant of our program. This will allow you greater freedom to choose what you like, as well as help those who have special diets.

I’m InterVarsity Staff and want to attend NYCUP. Do I need to register?

Registration for ALL IV staff is required, even though the cost is free.

Please contact us at with any questions.