Jesus is risen!  He has given us everything we need to establish and advance witnessing communities at colleges and universities in upstate New York.  He has called us to go to every corner of every campus and bear witness to what we have seen and heard.  But what has Jesus given to me so that I can know Him?  How do I lead, not just serve others?  If God is real, and if what the Bible says of him is true, how should this impact our lives?

We want to invite you to join students from across New York for act2017 to explore these questions and more! We believe that God has a plan for your college experience that permeates far beyond academics, impacting every area of your life!! If that’s true, don’t you want to find out what that would mean for you? This is your chance to do that! At act2017, we will be digging deeply into what it means to be a disciple and ambassador of Jesus. This conference will help prepare you to testify to what you have seen God do in your life and in your InterVarsity chapter on your campus! Join us for act2017, you won’t want to miss it!