40 Days of Extraordinary Prayer – Day 31
September 21, 2016

Bold Witness. Changed Hearts.


Day 31 – September 21, 2016

2 Kings 19: 8-19  “So that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that you, O Lord, are God alone.”  Hezekiah responds to threats of enemies by praying to “the God of all the kingdoms of the earth.”  Ask God to reveal these truths of this prayer to our students and staff in order to embolden our prayers, our hearts and our words.  Oh, that we would pray this way. Pray for the schools in Rochester.

Campus Story from Fredonia

Last Friday, we had a new student retreat that we up to a day before thought only four students were going to.  After lots of prayer, we had 11 new students attend and three of the girls brought a friend we hadn’t even met.  One of the events was our Thirsty? outreach and we sent out three groups of five to pass out the water bottles.  We’ve been praying for more awareness through it as we continue to improve our minds.  The prayer that went into this night led us to have new people try (including leaders who were nervous) as well as have the campus paper and radio stations stop two separate groups to do stories.

God blesses consistency and prayer. He wants to bless us.

In Christ,

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
New York/New Jersey Region